How to Register

Astrometrica is shareware, or, in other words, it's "try-before-you-buy" software. You can use the software, on your own computer system and with your own CCD images, for a limited period of time (100 days) for free. If you like the software and find it a valueable tool, you are invited to support it's future development by registering. To register, please send Euro 25,-- (for a single license) to the author of Astrometrica:

Herbert Raab
Obere Dorfstr. 18
A-4533 Piberbach
Austria, Europe

E-Mail: astrometrica{št} (replace '{št}' with '@').

You can send the license fee online payment through PayPal, or as cash in a registered letter. Payment with credit cards is also possible through PayPal (no PayPal account required). Please include both your postal address as well as your e-mail address with any payment.

To see how EUR 25,-- convert in another corrency, please use the Universal Currency Converter.

Upon receiving the payment, the author of Astrometrica will send you a license key by e-mail within one week.
The license key will also be valid for any updates to Astrometrica (Version 4.x for Windows).

Please note: If you don't get your license key through e-mail within one week, please contact me again.
(Unfortunately, a few outgoing messages have apparently gone astray, or maybe caught in some spam filter, in the past...)

Special conditions are available for educational projects. Please contact the author at astrometrica{št} (replace '{št}' with '@'). for more information.

Thank you for supporting Astrometrica !

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