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Astrometrica Version 4.x for Windows

These files are currently available for download:
Current version (with ADES format output) Version (Last version with "old" 80-column MPCReport format)

For a description of new features, please refer to the Version History.

Hardware and Operating System requirements

The hardware requirements given here are recommended for small to medium sized CCD images (up to about 512x512 or 768x512 pixels in size). For larger images, more memory is required, and a faster CPU is recommended.

Getting started
After you have downloaded and installed the software, please go through the tutorials in the online help to get familiar with the software and its operation. Also, note that you need one of the star catalogues that can be accessed by Astrometrica to operate the software. A mailing list for users of this software has been created, and it is recommended that users of this software subscribe to this list.

Astrometrica is shareware. You can use the software, on your own computer system and with your own CCD images, for a limited period of time (100 days) for free. If you like the software, you are invited to register it. Thank you!

Astrometrica Version 3.x for DOS

The 'classic' DOS-version of Astrometricais available for free. Please note that this version will not be supported or updated in the future.

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